About Attention Community Founder Arnold Raizon

Attention Community provides Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence to improve performance and expand capacity using meditation and mindfulness tools.

Arnold RaizonArnold Raizon was born in Zimbabwe. As a child, Arnold grew up in an out of the box environment. He reveled in the beauty of his country, of the sky, of the people and animals that lived around him. There was no technology to distract him from the present. Life was simple.

After finishing high school, Arnold moved to Cape Town, South Africa, to attend medical school. Arnold came to the US in 1985 to pursue his medical career. He has since enjoyed a successful Diagnostic Radiology career in Washington, DC. Arnold has an amazing wife, four children, and a dog.

About 10 years ago Arnold encountered stress and anxiety in a big way. It took over his life. He slept, ate, and lived in stress. He could no longer breathe inside his box. He had to find a way out. Then by chance, Arnold read a book by Thich Nhat Hahn that left him with a strong message.

Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor.Thich Nhat Hanh
Just breathe? This simple thought transformed Arnold’s life. He began to learn about meditation and mindfulness and adopted a daily practice, alleviating his once complicated life. Meditation and mindfulness gave Arnold a new reference point. He looked at the outside world openly and without judgement – giving him a clear lens to process and acknowledge his emotions, relationships, and thoughts.

Arnold began to embrace the benefits of mindfulness and meditation and wanted to learn more so that he could deepen his knowledge and share it with others. Arnold became a certified Meditation and Mindfulness Instructor at the McLean Meditation Institute, a 200 hours program in theory, science, and practice of meditation and mindfulness. More recently, Arnold has completed the Search Inside Yourself Program, a four-week training using tools of neuroscience, mindfulness and emotional intelligence. His training, along with his professional accomplishments and personal practice, has led Arnold on a path to share simple and easy techniques to increase joy and happiness.

Arnold founded Attention Community to serve individuals and the corporate environment to promote well-being and manage stresses of work and of life.