Our minds are central to our lives–what we think and feel, our ideas and emotional reactions, drive us. We all know this. But what most of us were never taught in school is that the mind is trainable. We can develop greater insight into our thoughts and emotions, understand ourselves better, and cultivate healthy mental habits like focus, happiness, gratitude, stress management, and empathy.

The series of classes are designed to explore how the mind works through neuroscience and psychology, as well as through first-hand exploration of mindfulness and in the practice of meditation. We will experience many different practices to take a deep dive in understanding our mental and emotional lives, like focused attention, mindful listening, body scan, journaling, and working with difficult emotions, to name a few. As we do, we’ll talk about their connection to self-management, empathy, motivation, and how we lead our lives.

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Since we want our classes to be accessible to everyone, we have not set a price. Our classes are offered by the honor system. We recommend you attend the class first and then pay what you feel comfortable with. Our recommended payment amount is $20. Click here to make a payment.
We offer virtual classes to be available to our worldwide audience. This virtual classroom is delivered through ZOOM, a robust video conferencing portal.
All classes cover a specific focus and include a meditation or mindfulness practice along with discussion. Each are interactive and experiential: focused on building skills you can use. Sessions will cover a variety of topics including the practice of meditation, mindful communication, empathy, resilience, and self-awareness. Participants will have the opportunity to explore these areas and develop the knowledge and concrete tools to bring the benefits of mindfulness and emotional intelligence into daily life. Visit our Upcoming Webinars page to learn about upcoming classes.
All classes are designed for all levels – from beginners to daily meditators. The only thing we ask is that you be on time and show respect to all participants.
First, download the ZOOM plugin to ensure you start on time. Second, be comfortable; find a comfortable sitting position and wear comfortable clothing. Please remove any distractions to allow you to be fully present.
Once you register for a class, you will receive a confirmation with the login information. It is suggested that you log in a couple minutes prior to the class to install a simple plugin. For questions about the plugin installation click here.
We do not have people sign confidentiality agreements or waivers. Many of our exercises are about sharing your own experience. You’re free to share however much is comfortable for you. Can we agree that everything shared remains confidential?